Thursday, June 27, 2019

~Apples and Orchids~

Take my open hand
Stained only slightly
With dirt
Apples and orchids
That’s what you
You said we could  plant
Beside each other
Orchid roots
Winding around
Each other
A spun mandala
Of snakeskin
Faded velvet
Rough to the touch
Under faded sun

Wind in
Shimmering tremors
On skin
A kiss
On the forehead
The sweetest sigh
Appreciate the bumpy road
That leads
Back to us
Back to where
The light is

~Sarah Mahina Calvello


   I peeled my oranges
   the juices wrap around my fingers  
   like velvet skin
   watching the swirls of dark gold
   wrap around the crumbling chocolate dirt
   there's always something shining underneath
   if you look hard enough
   Worth its
   Weight in
   Ornamental gold
   the sun was pale
   but it was shining

~Sarah Mahina Calvello


Wow, there’s
A little sass
Under all
That breathable cotton

If you
Haven’t read 
A little
High on
Something you
Haven’t read Ginsberg

I have
Some loose thoughts
Which doesn’t
Install much
Confidence in myself
Wildfire grasses
Clean and colorless
Spirals bending
And unbending
Again with
The soft summer wind

I won’t
Bend nothing
Else can
Break me
The mind
Needs love
I just
Need to let it
Come one
Step at
A time
And enjoy
Whatever’s left
Finally, weeping
For a purpose
Nothing is 
not anymore
Don’t have
Too many
Dimes on me

But I have vision

~Sarah Mahina Calvello


time for me
to face my whale
in the barren corner
of my room

better for me
to face the noise
head-on, it's pulling me
toward my ever changing reflection
along with
the beautiful strain
of the tide

the color is gray
but vibrant
I might go under
tripping over myself at times
I'll shake the chaos off
make it out alive

I believe in building memories
and making time

~Sarah Mahina Calvello

Monday, June 10, 2019


time for bed
the moon
will be
back tomorrow

your hands
are as
warm as
your smile
even though
they are
merely hands

trembling, your
heart, I
think I
learned my lesson
what's that?

what has
the student learned
under the
shade canopy
of reaching oaks?

each leaf
an explosion
of lines that
want more light
always wanting

wide eyes
you think
this is
called a forest

the sound
of your
laughter is
like music
it gladdens
my heart

the mouth
might speak
but the
eyes see
the truth

sweet almond tea
in the
fading light
always reaching
following the sun
making me
feel wanted

~Sarah Mahina Calvello